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Media 3 Group specializes in band logos, photography, rock band logos, rock band websites, death metal band logos, black metal band logos, and heavy metal band logos. Look to us for your marketing needs for CD/DVD design, social media, collateral, signage, stage design and more. (We no longer provide assistance for getting signed to a record label, but we’d be happy to give you some pointers.)

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Media 3 Group specializes in premium quality graphic design and websites for bands, logo designs for bands, musicians, entertainers and clubs. We’ve been around a while, and lucky for you we know a thing or two about the entertainment industry because we’ve been a part of it. Your band’s logo is the foundation of your musical identity, it’s what sets you apart—and it needs to kick serious butt.

Some facts about us:

  • Progpower Europe Designer – Media 3 was chosen as the 2005 and 2006 designer for Progpower Europe. Acting as promoter, web developer, and producer of collateral (tickets, posters, signs, etc.).
  • DVS Records USA – We were the US marketing-arm for DVS Records, a progressive rock label based in The Netherlands. The label brought notoriety to such bands as Wolverine (SE), Voyager (AU), Chaoswave (IT), Into Eternity (CA), Heaven’s Cry (CA), The Aurora Project (NL), and many more.
  • Band Marketing – We designed the websites, newsletters, posters, and built social media marketing campaigns for Voyager (AU), DVS Records (NL) Dynamic Lights (IT), Psychonaut (AU) musician Anton Roolart (NL) and Silent Edge (NL).
  • Club and Club Promotion – Chosen as the design firm for Area 414 Club in Milwaukee. Services included club and table card design, as well as event and VIP ticket design.
  • We Design for Local Bands Too – We wholeheartedly support local metal and rock bands and all other genres. Some of our past clients include: Friday Dies, Jack of Trades, Profound, Juniorz Eyez, Silent Scream, Red Velvet Sea, Rhema, Queen of Gospel, and Just Us.

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