Starting a New Year – 10 Lessons Learned in 2023

This article came out of a casual night of trolling questions on Quora. I was new to the platform and felt like engaging in a few questions to feel it out. I came across the question “what are 10 things that are not worth it? ” and I felt a hint of bitterness well up from less-than-satisfactory experiences and I thought: “oh yeah, I can answer this”.

It seemed like a great opportunity to extract these feelings and perhaps turn them into lessons or personal reminders.

The list I came up with was, sometimes, controversial; but to my surprise, my answer had some modest success. I thought perhaps it may bring some value to others if I list and expand upon them.

Top 10 things that just aren’t worth doing in 2024:

  1. Challenging people’s politics online

    Many things will threaten your values online, perpetually. Unless it allows you to understand your own or another’s position with more resolution — it’s a waste of time. Almost always others won’t change their mind, so pick your battles. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how many ‘libtards’ or ‘nazis’ you destroyed, you were probably baited, trolled, or unironically responding to a satire article anyway.

  2. Ranting on Social Media
    Rants are emotional. The purpose isn’t necessarily to share carefully analyzed information, but to purge. What sounds reasonable and effective when you are emotional is definitely unreliable in translating to those who are casually perusing social media. You probably look like an uninformed idiot that can’t control themselves.
  3. Getting involved in a quarrel between two people
    Do you really want to get involved?
    You could become the scapegoat for their conflict. It takes a hell of a lot for people to break up sometimes, to the point of being delusional.

  4. Social media
    It’s a good organizer for communication and contacts, but it will take valuable amounts of time away from you. It’s designed to keep you engaged. Your brain will adapt to it and reward you for your engagement.

  5. Blind research or infotainment on the internet
    If you’re the type that consumes a substantial amount of infotainment or reads articles until 3:00am because you want to know everything interesting happening in society, or know everything about multiple topics that interest you, you will overwhelm yourself and not remember anything if there is no specific project or purpose.

  6. Buying unnecessary luxuries if you’re below upped middle class
    This is how people lose money. They try to buy prestige, not earn it.

  7. Staying up late when you know you have to work the next morning
    I hate to sound like your mother but even I still do this often because I feel like I never get enough done.

  8. Dating someone with different core values
    No, love does not conquer all.

  9. Acting in revenge
    If you truly understand revenge as a means of justice, you’ll understand it’s futile. The only true justice is when a person understands their mistake, regrets it in proportion to the error, makes an appropriate amount of effort or sacrifice to remedy the mistake, and their new values render them incapable of the error.

  10. Neglecting your potential
    People neglect their potential by putting off cultivating skills in areas they are passionate about or might have an inkling that they are, creating a tension that is complicated, painful, and ill-defined.

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